Quality steam cleaners for all your needs


Steam Cleaners for your home

Depending on the type of surfaces in your home‚ you will find a steamer that is just right for your cleaning needs.

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Commercial-grade steam cleaners

To ensure that power is available day in and day out, this collection features hearty construction and features.

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Chemical free and seriously clean!

Our steam vapor machines include a careful selection of the best designs imported direct from Italy.

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We guarantee our complete line of Italian steamers to be built with the highest quality components with Lifetime Warranties on all Boilers and Heating Elements.

Customer Gallery

We are so fortunate to have many satisfied customers that are sharing their experience with us.


Alfa – 302°
Single Boiler – 65 Psi


5 star rating 27 Reviews


Portable yet durable. The Alfa is perfect for homeowners and includes a wide variety of accessories

MSRP – $749
Our Price – $599

Pro6 Solo – 315°
Single Boiler – 75 Psi


5 star rating 75 Reviews


A powerhouse in performance, construction and reliability. Used widely in commercial and home use.

MSRP – $1,195
Our Price – $789    $699 Hot Sale!

Desiderio Auto – 315°
Continuous Fill


5 star rating 34 Reviews


Steam and extract simultaneously clean and sanitize the dirtiest and hardest to reach surfaces

MSRP – $1495
Our Price – $1995

Vapor Clean II – 298°
Single Boiler – 65 Psi


5 star rating 34 Reviews


Featuring a pressure gauge, full range adjustable pressure regulation, stainless steel boiler and detachable hose.

MSRP – $699
Our Price – $399


Purchasing a quality steam vapor cleaner is no easy task. Often we miss the basic information or advertising is misguided to leave the consumer to their own assumptions and research. Click below to view how our steamers compare with other products.

Warehouse logistics is important

Why purchase from My Vapor Clean

The Largest Importer and Retailer of
Italian Steam Cleaners since 1997

22 years in business & one of the first to US market with Italian-made steamers

Most trusted & affordable Italian steam retailer in the country

Family-owned & Operated

Sold over a 100,000 units

Vapor Clean was born 22 years ago, by chance from a simple idea: grout cleaning. Kathy ran across an ad for a home demonstration that used steam to clean grout. After years of using a toothbrush on her hands and knees, she scheduled an appointment and was amazed how effective using super-heated water vapor to clean the grout was. She began researching and discovered that although steam cleaning was huge in Italy, it was basically unheard of in the States. Kathy saw the potential for growing a business well beyond just a cleaning service. The uses for steam, both … residential and commercially, were virtually limitless. She was determined to bring this technology to the American market and at an affordable price to the consumer unlike the expensive few on the market at the time…

Our 19,0000+ square foot Full Product Service Center and Warehouse in Petersburg, Virginia serves all your shipping and service needs.

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