Steam Cleaning and your Pets

Steam Cleaning Creates a Safe Environment

Carpet Stains                                         Cages                                            Pet Hair                                   Upholstery                                         Fleas
From controlling pests to safeguarding against dangerous parasites, or just providing a clean and safe environment for all your pets, nothing compares to the power of steam cleaning.

Here are just a few ways pets and their owners benefit from steam cleaning:
  • Avoiding toxic chemicals. Recent studies have shown pets suffer adverse effects from the harsh cleaning chemicals found in most homes. Steam cleaning is the number one way to cut back or totally eliminate harsh chemcial cleaners.
  • Removing Odors and Stains. Steam treat carpets and floors to remove urine or other unwanted odors.
  • Paw Prints. It's a dirty world, and our pets bring it inside sometimes. Steam those greasy paw prints away when they happen.
  • Birds.  Bird owners, here's what the experts say at "If you have a bird that manages to get food into toy and cage crevices, [steam] is a great method of cleaning. The hot steam gets into places that can’t always be reached with cleaning tools. It’s perfect for cleaning play gyms and porous perches. It kills mold and fungus too. "

Two Great Steam Cleaners for Managing Pet Cleaniness

                 DESIDERIO AUTO
With the simple addition of steam vapor and the trusted cleaning solution of a vacuum, our Desiderio Auto steam and vacuum machine offers un-paralleled cleaning in a single, effortless pass! Basic science, not a lofty promise, is your assurance that a steam and vacuum system is an excellent choice. Cleaning is just the beginning - not only steam those dust mites and creepy crawlies dead, but use the preferred method of vacuuming prior to and after treatment - all with one machine!

                           THE PRO5
The Pro5′s unique design and indicates how you want your surfaces.  One of  the #1 recommended by Pest Control professionals across America and Canada for homeowners and business. 
 Constructed of materials chosen only to improve the quality, not cut corners and cost of materials. The accessories are identical to those of steam cleaners costing in the 1,000′s. We actually include a few items that you would never receive with other brands.

​​Want to Control and Eliminate Fleas Safely? Use Steam!

Fleas have been making life miserable for pets and people long before there were pets and people -- all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. 

These wingless parasites attach themselves to a host animal and suck their blood, causing itching, scratching and inflammation. Throughout history, fleas are also associated with transmitting diseases.

Once a pet or home has become infected with fleas, there are a number of treatment options, including potentially harsh chemicals and pesticides. One option that is both environmentally safe and extremely effective is steam.

The website FleaScience, a repository for "the most accurate flea control information possible," posted this:

Steam Cleaning Kills all Flea Stages

"Steam cleaning will kill fleas in the environment. It’s a useful technique for eliminating fleas deep within carpets, as well as other hard-to-reach areas, such as in and around furniture. Steam cleaners, and other water-based carpet cleaners, are more effective than vacuums at removing debris. Likewise, they’re superior at removing and destroying fleas at all stages, from egg to adult. . .The high temperature of steam is lethal to fleas. They can’t survive extreme temperatures."

The Environmental Protection Agency concurs that a combination of vacuuming and steam cleaning can "prevent, reduce or eliminate flea infestations," noting that "the hot steam and soap can kill fleas in all stages of the life cycle."

According to the University of Florida Extension Service:

"Vacuuming will not eliminate flea populations, but will help keep them reduced. Vacuums remove eggs, larvae, adults, and flea dirt, but not pupae, which stick to the carpet fibers. Steam cleaners are usually more effective."

Vapor Clean offers a full range of professional steam cleaners, including combination steam cleaners/vacuums. All of them achieve steam temperatures far in excess of what is needed to kill and control fleas and other household pests.
Keep your pets happy, and your home environmentally safe, by using steam.


Steam cleaning keeps animal shelters safe from Giardia

PictureDr. Wendy Wolfson
Giardia -- it's a word no pet lover wants to hear.

A microscopic parasite that causes the diarrheal illness known as giardiasis, giardia can be found in the environment or on any surface that has been in contact with feces from infected  animals. The problem is particularly acute in animal shelters, where treatment can delay or even cancel animal adoptions.

The solution is to clean and disinfect the areas where the animals live. And the best method for that is steam cleaning, according to Dr. Wendy Wolfson, assistant professor at Louisiana State University's School of Veterinary Medicine.

"Some animal shelters use pressure washers, along with disinfectants to clean for giardia, but steam cleaning is the preferred method," said Dr. Wolfson, who specializes in shelter medicine.

The high-temperature steam eradicates the parasites on contact. Dr. Wolfson also noted steam is particularly effective on porous surfaces like concrete, found in many animal shelters.

Another benefit to using steam cited by Dr. Wolfson is fighting the bugs that have become resistant to traditional disinfectants.

Once in the environment, giardia is known to survive weeks or even months. Whether keeping animal shelters safe and sanitary, or treating a pet's home environment, steam cleaning is the best solution to controlling giardia.

That's why the Humane Society of Independence County in Batesville, Arkansas recently reached out to Vapor Clean for help. Veterinarian Dr. Nanci Solis, who supports the shelter, described "an increasing and ongoing problem with giardia in the dogs." It had become so serious, she said "the shelter board made the difficult decision to close intakes to additional dogs until they could get this problem under control."

Dr. Solis spoke to Dr. Wolfson at LSU, who confirmed "that the only thing missing from our protocol is steam cleaning."

As a result of her request for help, Vapor Clean donated a Pro6 Duo, continuous refill steam cleaning unit to the shelter.

"I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and for your rapid response," Dr. Solis wrote to Vapor Clean president Kathy Lemieux. "This is beyond what we could have dreamed of or hoped for - thank you! You have no idea how much this means to us to now be able to effectively eliminate the encysted form of this terrible intestinal parasite."

Along with the Pro6 Duo, the Pro 5 steam cleaner is another good option for shelters. Both machines achieve temperatures of over 325 degrees, enough to kill any parasites, including giardia.


Shelter Donation Program

                      AND WE WILL CHOOSE ONE AND SEND

"A small group of thoughtful
people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

We want to share our success with others. In 2006, we established a program to donate returned, unused units to animal shelters across the USA. Steam cleaning adds cost savings and health benefits for low-funded animal shelters and their tireless volunteers. It fills a desparate need, and is a cause close to our hearts. 

Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please note for returned machines, there is a small restocking fee that covers credid card transaction charges and shipping.

"It's not how much we do... but how much love we put into doing it!"

Dear My Vapor Clean, 

On behalf of Sugar Glider Guardians (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping sugar gilders in need), I want to thank you for your generous donation of an awesome steam cleaner to our recent fundraiser. Not only will the proceeds of the fundraiser go to help sugar gliders in need, like those pictured below, but the steam cleaner will be donated to and used at the New England Wildlife Center to help rescued animals there. This was a truly generous donation and we are extremely grateful to you for your kindness. 

There will be so many animals helped because of your generosity. We sincerely appreciate you and think of you as true sugar glider guardians! 
Alea Holladay
Founder, Sugar Glider Guardians

Steam Cleaning: A Line of Defense Against Ringworm

Ringworm, which infects both animals and humans, is not a worm. It's a fungal infection.

Getting its name from its distinctive, ring-like shape on the skin, it is both highly contagious and stubbornly resilient. 
According to the University of California-Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, "Ringworm is very durable in the environment. Ringworm can persist on any surface and can infect animals housed in a contaminated environment months and even years later."

The center's website goes on to note:

"Ringworm in an individual animal is a nuisance; however, ringworm in an animal shelter can lead to completely unmanageable outbreaks, thousands of dollars in diagnostic and medical costs, the possibility of spread to adopters and staff, and an intolerable blow to shelter status in the community. It is vital to have a consistent and effective strategy to prevent and manage this disease."

One part of preventing and eradicating the ringworm spores is steam cleaning.

"Carpets should be commercially steam cleaned. Steam cleaning with cleaners that use hot tap water is ineffective, as the water does not reach a high enough temperature."

The commercial-grade steam cleaners from Vapor Clean produce more than enough high-temperature heat to kill the ringworm spores -- over 300 degrees.

And it's not just carpeting at risk. "Ringworm can be spread readily on grooming implements, contaminated toys and bedding, or by humans on clothing and hands," according to the Koret Center.

 The Centers for Disease Control recommend cleaning "the areas of the home that the infected pet commonly visits. This will help to remove infected fur or flakes of skin," as well as areas "the pet has spent time in, including surfaces and bedding."

Regular steam cleaning of the areas where your pets live and play will keep them -- and you -- healthy and happy.




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