Why Vapor Clean?


What makes a Vapor Clean machine different from other steamers?


The Vapor Clean line of steam vapor machines is a careful selection of the best designs from Italy exclusively manufactured and imported direct to us for your purchase. Across the entire line you will find tremendous value, modern features and impeccable quality.

We have closely worked with our manufacturers over 20 years to offer products that no other company in America can match. Currently housing 13 models to choose from, we are certain to have a fit for you!


Often the cost of a new item on the market is badly inflated to capitalize on the "newness". Often a lack of product knowledge is taken advantage of by companies for high profits. No one should pay more for an illusion.

Our Vapor Clean line of cleaners is offered at a fair price every day! We keep our prices low, this is and has always been our commitment to our customers.

Our ability to offer the lowest prices is because there is no middle man. Our desire to keep our products available and affordable to the overall public does not waiver.

Our goal is to offer as many individuals to join the chemical-free cleaning revolution as are interested. Steam has been used in Europe for decades and we are pleased to have brought our unique line of Green products to the US.

Brick and Mortar Company

Shipping WarehouseWe own and operate our 19,000+ sq. foot warehouse/service facility centrally located in Virginia for all of our customer's needs. Unlike most other steam cleaner "sellers" you find in the market we in fact, import, warehouse, service and offer full company support all of our equipment here in the USA.

We began as as a small family business and although we have grown to a larger arena, we continue to maintain our home town values and commitment to our customers.

Many marketing sales techniques along with unsubstantiated claims can be very misleading on the internet. We make every effort, every day to provide the most informative factual information for our customers.


The superior design of a Vapor Clean machine is hard to miss! Compared to most other machines on the market, Vapor Clean machines are made to not only function reliably but to look great doing it.

However, looks are not everything...

A Vapor Clean steamer is well-crafted under the hood, too. Modern and precise, the choice in components, like digital displays, modern circuit boards, and cylindrical boilers improve efficiency and safety. Our Vapor Clean machines are engineered, assembled and quality checked all by hand, one by one. You can be assured the Vapor Clean line is a collection of the best of the best.

Safety Certifications

All Vapor Clean products carry the required safety certifications as other brands, however many of our products actually have certifications that no other competitive models have been able to achieve. We continue to pursue the highest ratings on all of our products to ensure the highest quality and standards available.