About Us



We are a family business, owned and operating for the past 25 years born by chance from a simple idea: grout cleaning. Kathy ran across an ad for a home demonstration that used steam to clean grout. After years of using a toothbrush on her hands and knees, she scheduled an appointment and was blown away by how effective using super-heated water vapor to clean the grout was. She began researching and discovered that although steam cleaning was huge in Italy, it was basically unheard of in the States. Kathy saw the potential for growing a business well beyond just a cleaning service. The uses for steam, both residential and commercially, were virtually limitless. She was determined to bring this technology to the American market and at an affordable price to the consumer unlike the expensive few on the market at the time.

In the mid-90s Italy was the sole source for steam cleaners, so the task was no easy one. She spent a couple of years selling other importers machines while working towards her goal. A singlemom at the time, she spent what little remained in her savings account to buy a plane ticket to Italy. But it was money well spent. She returned to the States with a successful agreement with an Italian rep and manufacturer and Vapor Clean was finally launched.

She began importing the machines and selling them online when the Internet was still young. Since then she's been working directly with the factories to engineer and design the best features and accessories for every possible use. Twenty years and over 100,000 machines later, Vapor Clean is now the most trusted and affordable Italian steam retailer in the country.

Although the company has grown exponentially over the years, Vapor Clean is still a family business and customer service is our number one goal. We aim to provide the highest quality steam cleaners at the most affordable prices.

warehouse1-160x106.jpgOur 19,0000+ square foot Full Product Service Center and Warehouse in Petersburg, Virginia serves all your shipping and service needs. Purchased in 2009 we have enjoyed being part of this community and watching the revitalization of this Historic town transform.


We exclusively offer all of our Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners from our manufacturers in Italy to our main distribution center and steam cleaner distributors in the US and Canada. Through confidence and strong relationships built over time, we now offer the finest and only line of the highest quality dry steam cleaners on the market in the US today. We are proud to offer the only product line that offers the versatility and exclusive designs available only from the Vapor Clean line of steam cleaners. We are enthusiasts and experts in the field and thrilled to be part of it!

We are a strong company with a great reputation in an exciting growing industry. Since 1997 we have been perfecting our products, skills and knowledge in the industry.

Our Vapor Clean line of steam cleaners is a winning combination of design, components, reliability, but most of all honesty and integrity in the way we present our products and conduct our business -

For the steam cleaners we also offer many items found only by Vapor Clean for your product from pads to chemical free mineral based spot cleaners.