Get rid of allergies and bacteria with steam
Our line of steam cleaners and steam cleaners are proven to kill 100% of all dust mites and denature their allergens without harmful chemicals.
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Help reduce asthma and allergies with vapor steam cleaners

Asthma and allergies are increasing at an alarming rate in our society. How can any method of cleaning be better than a Dry Steam Cleaner for allergy sufferer, or the chemically sensitive? Eliminating the triggers and toxins that can cause sufferers unnecessary discomforts can be simply solved be reducing the potential initial causes.

Powerful dry steam cleaners are proven to kill 100% of all dust mites and denature their allergens. Our line of steam cleaners and steam cleaners with suction are safe, high quality and great for chemical free cleaning and allergen control. Steam cleaners will make light work of household chores.

We have gathered basic statistics to help enlighten and make all of us think just a little more about how we too can change our environment, improve our health, and our children’s health.

An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from asthma (1 in 15 Americans), and 50% of asthma cases are œallergic-asthma. The prevalence of asthma has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups.

Asthma is the most common chronic condition among children.

Asthma is more common among adult women than adult men.

Asthma is more common among male children than female children.

Asthma is more common among children (7 to 10%) than adults (3 to 5%).

Nearly 5 million asthma sufferers are under age 18. It is the most common chronic childhood disease, affecting more than one child in 20.

Asthma is slightly more prevalent among African Americans than Caucasians. `{`6`}`

Ethnic differences in asthma prevalence, morbidity and mortality are highly correlated with poverty, urban air quality, indoor allergens, and lack of patient education and inadequate medical care.

What makes asthma worse? 

Allergens, Warm-blooded pets (including dogs, cats, birds, and small rodents), House dust mites, Pollens from grass and trees, Molds (indoors and outdoors). Irritants, Cigarette smoke and wood smoke. Scented products such as hair spray, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Strong odors from fresh paint or cooking. Automobile fumes and air pollution. Chemicals such as pesticides and lawn treatments

Doctors and researchers agree that the single most important thing that parents can do to prevent their child from developing asthma in the first place is to eliminate or significantly reduce dust mite allergens or asthma triggers in the home.

Certain insecticides that are widely used in U.S. homes may be triggers for asthma. Studies indicate that exposure to organophosphate pesticides disrupts the part of the nervous system that regulates the motor functioning of the lungs. This has lead researchers to hypothesize that pesticides are among the preventable causes of asthma in children.

How can asthma suffers benefit from steam cleaning?

Great benefits can be achieved by Allergy and Asthma sufferer’s by using a dry steam cleaner in their home. Control Dust mites, chemical fumes and residues will be eliminated forever. Remove the triggers in your home, and lessen your symptoms and attacks. Maintenance cleaning with steam thereafter will create a home environment that will improve your life and you will even find that cleaning becomes fun with the excellent results you will achieve! Carpets, bedding, furniture and clothes can all be treated with dry steam vapor with excellent results. You’ll breath easier, rest better and feel better.

Use your dry steam cleaner to clean any and every surface in your home. High temperature dry steam will kill the bacteria’s that create the odors in our home. Refresh and restore to a clean natural smell. Chemical residues, toxins, fumes and odors are completely removed so you can enjoy your home environment.Damage to ourselves occurs every time we come into contact with noxious, irritating or outright poisonous chemical agents. Never clean your oven again with Easy Off and it’s toxic fumes, and mess. Our dry steam cleaners will take care of that task in 1/4 of the time with no residues!

No chemicals means – no toxins – no residues – no harmful irritants – leaving nothing more than the healthiest sparkling clean home environment your family can enjoy.