Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about our company. If you would like to know about something that isn't on this page, please call us, contact us via the chat or email form below.

Everyone says they have the best or special technologies, what makes you stand out or different?

There is no special technology, it's steam!

Are you an importer, manufacturer, dealer or retailer? I'm confused with what all of this means.

A manufacturer makes a product ---- an importer brings the product in from an out-of-country manufacturer ----- a dealer or retailer is somewhat along the same line as each other. A dealer or retailer either directly or indirectly sells a product either in a store front on through an online site. Typically online most websites are dealers (order takers) and never have any connection with the product that they sell or end responsibility.

We are the importer, and also a direct dealer to the public while also engaging dealers that sell our products online. We have designed and imported our steam cleaners directly from Italy for 20 years. We stock in our 19,000 square foot warehouse, and sell through our website, corporate and government contracts and ship straight to the purchaser. Because we import, stock and sell our own brand, we also have a full in house service center. Read more in About Us if you like.

Why are other machines I see so much more expensive?

Quite frankly, no particular reason other than larger profits for those sellers. Our equipment compares and typically exceeds in construction, components, performance and with an honest representation next to any competitor in our marketplace. In many instances even better. Paying more out of your pocket does not mean that you are purchasing the "Mercedes" of Vapor Cleaners.

What is the warranty I will receive?

Our warranty on all of our Vapor Cleaners to our knowledge is the longest and most complete warranty in the industry. All models come with a 1 year parts and labor, lifetime on the boiler and the heating element! Please read warranty before purchasing. Warranty page

What is the cost of shipping and how long does it take?

All of our machines ship free (or at least we pay for the shipping) UPS ground when you purchase in the Continental US only. Any items that may be purchased at the time will not be an additional charge. Because we are a brick and mortar and we take pride in shipping within 24 hours of your order M-F if not quicker.  Accessories purchased after the original purchase are subject to shipping fees from standard carriers offered.

How do I receive service after my purchase?

We are a complete sales and service company. We are the direct and exclusive importer of all of our products. We provide all of our own warranty & repair work at our facility or will work with customers that choose to complete basic service on their own. We will work directly with you with from purchase, use and the lifetime of your product. We stand by our products and our customers.

Will I receive helpful instructions and customer support?

Vapor Cleaners are actually quite simple to operate, but when trying something new there are always questions and concerns. Manuals come with every unit, most importantly we encourage first time buyers to feel comfortable to call with any questions they may have. Our staff is fully trained and familiar with the equipment. We are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.