Pro6 Duo - 327° Continuous Refill - 87 Psi ( 6 bar ) Stainless Steel - Made in Italy

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Looking for a Commercial-grade steam cleaner that's built to last?


We know what it takes to make a top-quality steam cleaner. With 27 years of experience of manufacturing Italian steamers, the Pro6 Duo is engineered for longevity. Exceptional in design, components and accessories the Pro6 meets and exceeds the highest safety and quality standards that you will not find in a steam cleaner equal or twice the price in this category.


  • 327° = 0 - 87 psi / 6 bar
  • Stainless Steel Insulated Boiler AISI 304 18/10 - Lifetime Warranty
  • 1.8 capacity boiler - 2 Qt. reservoir... refill reservoir no down time to refill and reheat to work with you all day
  • 9.75 ft extended length detachable Hose w/ Safety Handle and fingertip control
  • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses
  • Pressure regulator to adjust your steam flow for your needs
  • Audible beeper notification when reservoir needs refilling
  • 14ft electrical cord
  • Safety Shut off and Pressure relief valve
  • Heavy load CEME water pump for consistent flow and less stress
  • 4 Large Casters for easy mobility & durability
  • ETL Approved
  • EPA Regulated Est. NO 93675-VA-2
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Boiler / Heating Element / Housing
  • 5 years parts 1 yr Labor
  • All Vapor Clean vapor steam cleaners are guaranteed new, never repackaged and resold. Individually tested at our factories.
  • MSRP - $1495  Now $1049


A complete set of 31 excellent Commercial grade tools & accessories included


Our Cooling fan dissipates the heat internally to substantially increase the longevity of internal components reducing the overall strain that steam cleaners endure. Thermal imaging below shown the reduction of heat.


Brass steam tubes and connectors unlike the standard plastic tubes used widely throughout the industry.


Two (2) 180c Thermal Resettable fuses Why? Provide a double shield from tripping your internal fuses and resettable unlike most designs on the market. This design creates a further separation of "current" to remove even more stress on components and wiring to extend the life of your machine in the most demanding uses. We are unaware of any machines other than Vapor Clean that use this design.


Two Power switches in comparison to others on the market with one. One more feature that is designed with longevity as key. This feature also directs power to seperate functions.

Safety Standards and Design that exceed comparable models available.

Manufactured by one of the few certified, accredited Steam Cleaner producers in Italy for the past 35 years. Safety standards or Quality does not take second place. We put our users as the prioirity to receive the best and back it. 


All accessories shown are part of your package when purchasing the Pro6 Duo.

You will find no better quality or package available from any competitors on the market


  • 2 Extension wands for medium heights to floor cleaning
  • Flexible 9.5 Foot hose
  • 1 Hole Detail Nozzle
  • 3 Hole Detail Nozzle
  • Extended Insulated Nozzle
  • 1 stainless, 1 Brass, 8 Nylon detail cleaning brushes
  • Large Triangle with clips
  • Floor brush w/clips


  • Carpet Glider
  • Medium Round Brush
  • Medium Triangle
  • Window squeegee
  • Filler Bottle with pressure cap
  • Oring Kit
  • 2 Stainless Steel Scrubbies
  • 2 16×16 Microfiber Towels
  • Additional Towel


110 - 120v


12 x 12 x 11.5


16 lbs

Power Cord

14 ft

Hose Length

9.75 ft w/ Safety Handle and fingertip control - 14.5 ft available


Stainless Steel AISI 304

Automatic Safety Shutoff?


Pressure Flow Regulator

Yes - Full range

Audible low water signal



1 yr Parts & Labor - 4 additional yr parts - Lifetime Boiler - Heating Element

What type of water do I use

    We recommend filtered water if possible. Do not use straight distilled water without adding tap adding at least a cup of tap water. Sensors in the Pro6 Duo (as most continuous fill machines), do not detect the actual water, they detect the minerals in the water. Distilled is void of minerals. Always good quality, low mineral content water is best such as filtered or bottled. Do not use softened water. If using tap water be sure to flush (descale) your machine more often.

Do I need a special plug to operate because it is Made in Italy?

    No need, our machines are manufactured in Italy with the highest quality components to be sold and operated in the USA.

Can I leave the machine on so that it is ready to use when I need it or does the Pro6 turn off like some steamers ?

    No it will not shut down, this machine is designed to withstand long hours and heavy use. No steam cleaner should turn off and stop heating when idle. This would be a problem for business users especially that require it to be ready throughout the day. We recommend to all of our customers not to heat and let sit "just in case".

Will this machine disinfect and sanitize?

Absolutely, tested and subject of course to proper use as any product. Results are definative that the Pro6 Duo will achieve the highest levels of disinfection exceeding any standards of chemicals purchased

How fast do you ship?

We are fully stocked and typically ship orders received before 1pm the same day or the next business day UPS ground.

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Look closely at the design, compare accessories and the company selling a product and feel free to ask us any questions.

Vapor Clean® Pro6 Duo Mytee Focus Vapamore Forza US Steam® Eagle Ladybug 2350®


Continuous Refill

Continuous Refill

Continuous Refill

Continuous Refill

Continuous Refill

Boiler Temp


No Advertised Specs





87 PSI/6 Bar

55 PSI/4 Bar

87 PSI/6 Bar

72 PSI/5 Bar









Stainless Steel


Enameled Steel

Enameled Steel









Made In







1 yr Parts & Labor, 5 yr Parts, Lifetime Boiler/ Heating Element 

90 Day Parts, 2 yr Pump & Heating Element, 5 yr Housing

Ltd. Warranty

1 yr Parts & Labor

1 yr parts, 3 yr Boiler


Your Cost











We love to clean the real dirt!

Steaming a Kitchen Sink Drain- Surprising!

The Pro6 Duo is HOW HOT!?

Not my shower!

No Toxic Cleaners!

      Continuous Refill simply means that you have a non-pressurized reservoir that you fill and pumps the water into the boiler as needed. Your boiler is always full for quick heat and never to worry how much water is in the boiler. In comparison to a single boiler with a pressurized cap that when the boiler runs out you will need to refill and reheat. The Pro6 Duo will heat in about 7-10 minutes and you are ready to go.

Check out our accessories section in the Tab above to see some of our specials offered today and unique items for your steam cleaner. Our buyers favorites include our classic Bonus Pack which is a $60 value offered for $42 at the time of purchase. This great deal includes $42 worth of cleaning brushes (stainless, nylon or horsehair), plus a carry bag, 2 microfiber towels and mop pad. From microfiber Ultra-steam pads, our fitted mop pads, towels, intensifier pads, we have an arsenal for your cleaning job.

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