Blue Evolution 338° - 117 Psi (8 bar) Stainless Continuous Refill Steam - Vacuum - Injection


The Blue Evolution is not technologically advanced, it's simply revolutionary! German design paired with Italian manufacturing has created this extraordinary piece of equipment for Commercial and Industrial use. Attacking the needs of deep cleaning, sanitizing and emerging protocols that have created the need for this All in One high powered steam cleaner with the boost of the patented UV system for air purification. Highly successful in many countries in the world for years,  we now offer the Blue Evolution to become part of the solution to your business.

  • Heavy Duty stainless design for Commercial and Industrial applications
  • 8 Bar 117 Psi - 339 F.  Absolute Temperature ASME Dual Coil Boiler
  • 1800 watts maximum power
  • 33,000 RPM turbine vacuum
  • 13.5 amps / 120 V 60 HZ
  • 15 x 28 x 37
  • 10 ft hose
  • 10 ft power cord
  • .5 gal water reservoir for steam boiler
  • .5 gal water injection reservoir
  • .8 gal dirty water reservoir
  • 1200 W Vacuum motor
  • 83 inches water lift
  • Air Flow - 47CFM
  • Large well designed locking wheels for excellent balance and swivel

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Terms of the Blue Evolution warranty (What is covered and what is not covered) If your machine is not functioning properly, please call the Vapor Clean helpline at 1-800-758-3141 or submit a service request. Many issues can be rectified over the telephone or via email with our trained customer care staff. Before service can take place, the terms of the warranty require that you complete and submit a request for service. What is covered: Your machine is warranted against original defect in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period excluding accessories, attachments and normal wear parts when used in accordance with operating instructions under normal and reasonable use. This warranty provides at no extra cost to you, all labor and parts to place your product in proper operating condition for a period of one year from date of purchase to the original purchaser. The internal boiler is warrantied for the life of your purchase. What is not covered: Damage due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidentals, disassembly, repair or alteration outside a certified service center. Careless operation, handling or lack of maintenance or use not in accordance with the provided instructions and/or owners manual. Cleaning blockages from machine or replacing parts associated with blockages or electrical outages. Product has been operated with substances other than city tap water, bottled or distilled water or any substance introduced into the boiler other than acceptable stated waters will void warranty. Parts subject to wear and tear such as O-rings, brushes, hoses, accessories. A major force, or use of other electricity than that indicated on the Product Unauthorized service returns. Purchaser must contact retailer prior to shipping product for repair to receive proper instructions and authorization All work will be carried out by a Vapor Clean authorized service center or an agent. Good Practices to maintain your warranty and avoid service needs: dropping your machine putting anything other than water in the tank storing in cold / allowing to freeze lending it to untrained users snapping off the ground plug failure to heed best practices and maintenance failure to keep minerals from building up in the tank running boiler empty after machine notifies user for more water causing auto shut down The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is repair or replacement at the Manufacturers option, of any product that proves to be defective in manufacture or materials within above stated period. The boiler vessel and heating element are warrantied for the life of your product extending beyond the 1 year stated full warranty excluding labor and shipping costs. The manufacturer advises the purchaser to insure the shipment against possible loss or damage in transit. The manufacturer will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

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