What is a dry steam cleaner?

There is no such thing as a “dry” steam cleaner If it were dry, how could it be steam?

A word once used to help define a higher temperature steam cleaner, the term “dry” has become confusing and can create unrealistic expectations to the consumer. Let us use the term “vapor” in place of “dry”. A high temperature “vapor” steam cleaner typically has approximately 5-6% moisture content in the steam in comparison to the lower priced products on the market.

A good example is boiling water in a teapot. If you hold your hand over the pot, immediately you are saturated and probably burning yourself if you were to continue this at 6 inches away and the temperature is 212°. Low moisture steam in a vapor steam cleaner is actually cool across your hands at that same distance, simply because it is superheated, drier and the saturation level is less.

A better term to apply to steam cleaners may simply be the use of “drier”. Knowing that boiling point is wetter and the progression of heat will create drier, lower moisture steam nearing the gaseous state which is correctly termed “dry”.


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