Want to Control and Eliminate Fleas Safely? Use Steam

29th Mar 2017

Fleas have been making life miserable for pets and people long before there were pets and people -- all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs.

These wingless parasites attach themselves to a host animal and suck their blood, causing itching, scratching and inflammation. Throughout history, fleas are also associated with transmitting diseases.

Once a pet or home has become infected with fleas, there are a number of treatment options, including potentially harsh chemicals and pesticides. One option that is both environmentally safe and extremely effective is steam.

The website FleaScience, a repository for "the most accurate flea control information possible," posted this:

Steam Cleaning Kills all Flea Stages

"Steam cleaning will kill fleas in the environment. It’s a useful technique for eliminating fleas deep within carpets, as well as other hard-to-reach areas, such as in and around furniture. Steam cleaners, and other water-based carpet cleaners, are more effective than vacuums at removing debris. Likewise, they’re superior at removing and destroying fleas at all stages, from egg to adult. . .The high temperature of steam is lethal to fleas. They can’t survive extreme temperatures."

The Environmental Protection Agency concurs that a combination of vacuuming and steam cleaning can "prevent, reduce or eliminate flea infestations," noting that "the hot steam and soap can kill fleas in all stages of the life cycle."

According to the University of Florida Extension Service: "Vacuuming will not eliminate flea populations, but will help keep them reduced. Vacuums remove eggs, larvae, adults, and flea dirt, but not pupae, which stick to the carpet fibers. Steam cleaners are usually more effective."

Vapor Clean offers a full range of professional steam cleaners, including combination steam cleaners/vacuums such as the Desiderio Auto and Desiderio Plus. All of them achieve steam temperatures far in excess of what is needed to kill and control fleas and other household pests.

Keep your pets happy, and your home environmentally safe, by using steam cleaners.

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