Pro5 - 327° Single Boiler - 87 Psi (6 bar) - Stainless Steel

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Built to last  With over 25 years of presence in the US market, our flagship Pro5 commercial-grade steam cleaner, boasts an exceptional design and highest quality components and well refined design proven to be your first and possibly last purchase of a quality steam cleaner. Our customers from the 1990's will attest to it!

Powerful - Encased in this package is an amazing combination of temperature, pressure with less than 5% moisture dry steam. Deep clean naturally, sanitize, kill dust mites, bedbugs etc., as well if not better than any steam vapor cleaner or on the market. Clean easily and swiftly while sanitizing 99.9% of all germs in your home or business.



Simple – The power is in your hand 

Warranty - We are proud to offer the best warranty (it is!) in the Industry as we know we offer the best products.


  • Stainless Steel Cylindrical Insulated Boiler ASME AISI 304 18/10 Tungsten (TIG) welded boiler
  • 327° = 0 – 87 psi / 6 bar – Single Boiler
  • Replaceable Heating Element - Lifetime Warranty
  • Digital displays pressure and temperature and any signals you may need.
  • Flexible 9 ft hose with trigger switch control 15 Foot Electrical cord
  • 1600 watts Heating power – Amperage 12.5 – 110-120V – 9-11 minute heat up
  • Single tank 2.1 liters – Functionally sized for optimal performance
  • Silicone 12 - 14 gauge wiring, Copper Tubing - Brass Fittings - Double coated circuitry
  • Maneuverable – 4 heavy duty caster wheels for ease as it follows behind you
  • LIFETIME Warranty - Boiler / Heating Element / External Housing
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • All Vapor Clean vapor steam cleaners are guaranteed new, and Individually tested at our factories
  • MSRP $1295 - Your Price $839.00 

What type of water do I use

    We recommend filtered water if possible. Always good quality low mineral content water is best such as filtered or bottled. Distilled is void of minerals. Tap is acceptable but should be descaled more often.

What is Continuous Refill compared to a single boiler?

      Continuous Refill simply means that you have a non-pressurized reservoir that you fill and pumps the water into the boiler as needed. Your boiler is always full for quick heat and never to worry how much water is in the boiler. In comparison to a single boiler with a pressurized cap that when the boiler runs out you will need to refill and reheat.

How long should I expect this machine to last?

    We see our machines still in use over 20 years. Maintenance is key for overall health of your machine. Parts may need to be replaced as with any appliance over time. Our warranty is the best in the Industry if needed.

Do I need a special plug to operate because it is made in Italy?

    No, our machines are manufactured in Italy with the highest quality components to be sold and operated in the USA.

Can I leave the machine on for intermittent use during the day or does the Pro5 turn off ?

    No it will not shut down, this machine is designed to withstand long hours and heavy use. No steam cleaner should turn off and stop heating when idle. This would be a problem for business users especially that require it to be ready throughout the day. Of course we recommend not to simply heat and let sit "just in case".

Will this machine disinfect and sanitize?

Absolutely, tested and subject of course to proper use as any product, results are definative that the Pro6 Duo will achieve the highest levels of disinfection exceeding any standards of chemicals purchased

Is the Pro5 tested and approved by the EPA as a disinfection device?

    As many companies, we do have our up to date EPA Est. NO 93675-VA-2 number. We do have inspections of our warehouse and confirmation that we adhere to the guidlines of the EPA and FIFRA and post our number as required.

    However, let us to clarify a few items regarding the EPA and their relationship with steam cleaners. There does appear to be some confusion regarding this on the internet and with consumers.

    The EPA does not test or approve steam cleaners or anything related to them. The EPA does not have a catagory or term "Disinfection Device" and never has to our knowledge. We have an EPA Establishment number and this number has absolutely no corellation to the quality or performance of the product. Our number is used by companies, typically pest control to meet their requirements for purchasing EPA regulated devices. For more information read more here.

How fast do you ship?

We are fully stocked and typically ship orders received before 1pm the same day or the next business day UPS ground - We pay the shipping!

What happens when you run out of water? Is it easy to fill and how long does it take until you’re able to use it again?

Absolutely we have had the unit run out of water in the middle of being used. Usually it will give you a steady hour and ½ before it runs out. Your “down-time” (as we call it) consist of you turning the unit off, refilling and reheating it. Our machines do not require a 20 minute cool down as many products on the market do. Most customers will admit that they can probably stand to take a break during that down-time, but some will actually prefer having continuous fill.

Pro5 Specifications


110 - 120v

Low water signal




Power Cord

14.5 ft


18.5 lbs

Automatic Safety Shutoff?


Hose Length

9 ft w/ trigger

Pressure Flow Regulator

Yes - Full range


Stainless Steel AISI 304


1 yr Parts & Labor - 4 additional yr parts - Lifetime Boiler - Heating Element

What's In The Box

  • 2 Extension wands
  • Flexible 9 Foot hose with trigger
  • Accessory adapter
  • Detail Nozzle
  • 1 stainless, 1 Brass, 8 Nylon detail cleaning brushes
  • Large Triangle with clips
  • Floor brush w/clips
  • Medium Round Brush
  • Window squeegee
  • Filler Bottle
  • Fitted pad
  • 2 Stainless Steel Scrubbies
  • 2 16×16 Microfiber Towels

Optional Accessories Available


For over 25 years, we have streamlined all of our products to meet our goal of nearly zero service needs for many years of use. This makes us happy and our customers even more! Steam is simple…as are our Vapor Clean steam cleaners. Exclusively manufactured in Italy for Vapor Clean and direct to our US warehouses and ready to ship to you!


In the Vapor Clean tradition we continue to provide you the most for your money at a price you can afford! We recommend this machine for the Homeowner or Commercial user that plans to give it a good run for their money that have expectations this machine will service their needs for many years to come.

The Pro5′s unique design and polished stainless steel looks the way you want your surfaces- Pure and clean! One of the #1 recommended by Pest Control professionals across America and Canada for homeowners and business. Compare below how the Pro5 still stands as the best value for your money and highest quality for your investment. Constructed of materials chosen only to improve the quality, not cut corners and cost of materials. The accessories are identical to those of steam cleaners costing in the 1,000′s. We actually include a few items that you would never receive with other brands.

Check out our accessories section to see some of our specials offered today and unique items for your steam cleaner. Our buyers favorites include our classic Bonus Pack which is a $60 value offered at a discount at the time of purchase. This great deal includes $42.00 worth of cleaning brushes, carry bag, microfiber towel and mop pad. From microfiber mop pads, towels, intensifier pads, we have an arsenal for your steam cleaning job.

Compare Brands

Below is an overview of similar products in the marketplace in direct comparison with the Pro5. To Compare all Vapor Clean machines and their features please visit our Help me Choose page

Temp & Pressure Housing Made In Attachments Warranty Price

Dupray One

281 / 50.8 psi




1 yr P & L - 3 yr parts*

2nd Year Service Fee $119   3rd Yr Service Fee $199*


Vapor Clean Pro5

327 / 87 psi




1 Year Parts & Labor

4 Yr additional Parts - Lifetime Boiler & Heating Element


VX 5000

302 / 65 psi




2 yr Parts & Labor


Dupray Tosca

315 / 72 psi





1 yr P & L - 3 yr parts*

2nd Year Service Fee $179   3rd Yr Service Fee $299*


UsSteam Falcon

302 / 65 psi




1 year parts & labor


Sargent Steam

302 / 65 psi




1 yr P & L 5 yr Boiler


*Prices and details subject to change


    Up to date and Verified our reviews are collected by Yotpo, Google and Trustspot comprising our review system of not 1 but 3 providers.

    Unlike other similar steam cleaner companies that have reviews 3, 4 and 5 years old, are not actually "verified" or simply do not have reviews at all, we have over 3,000 to date from our amazing customers.

    Our reviews are full of information and are a testimonial as to how important it is that our customers recieve the best products with a good experience for years to come.



If your machine is not functioning properly, please call the Vapor Clean helpline at 1-800-758-3141 or submit a service request. Many issues can be rectified over the telephone or via email with our trained customer care staff. Before service can take place, the terms of the warranty require that you complete and submit a request for service.

What is covered: Your Vapor Clean machine is warranted under against original defect in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty period excluding accessories, attachments and normal wear parts when used in accordance with operating instructions under normal and reasonable use. This warranty provides at no extra cost to you, all labor and parts to place your product in proper operating condition for a period of one year from date of purchase to the original purchaser.

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