New Desiderio bonus: A free steam-only hose and jet nozzle

17th Dec 2016

Meet the Desiderio -- the most versatile steam cleaner on the market. It's a steamer and vacuum cleaner all-in-one. Featuring continuous fill for non-stop cleaning, it can tackle just about any cleaning job you have, from eliminating dust mites to making hardwood floors look new.

Now, only available from Vapor Clean, when you purchase the Desiderio Auto or the Desiderio Plus, get an extra bonus of a free steam-only hose with a jet nozzle.

The steam-only hose, a $120 value, is a great option for auto detailing or any project where you need the cleaning power of steam alone. Half the size of the Desiderio's vacuum-steam hose, it adds even more options to this already highly-versatile machine from Italy.

Another bonus: The extra steam-only hose can utilize all the accesories from our Unilux 3000, the most portable steam cleaner available.

The Desiderio comes with a one-year parts and labor and a lifetime boiler & heating element warranty. All our steam cleaners are guaranteed new, and Individually tested at our factories.

Don't be misled by competitor claims; Vapor Clean has been the most-trusted source of fine Italian-made steam cleaners for 20 years. See why so many businesses and individuals choose Vapor Clean for all their cleaning needs. Call us at 1-800-758-3141.

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