Natural Stone Restoration Vapor Clean Pro6 Duo

27th Feb 2017

It's a long-standing axiom: The best advertising is word of mouth. Or in the case of a product website, a good review from a customer. Consumers may sometimes question if a review is legtimate. Not so with Vapor Clean, where customer reviews are verified by Yopto as legitimate buyers, a leading e-commerce company.

One recent verified review came from John M., who has a natural stone restoration business. Take a look at what he had to say about The Pro 6 Duo: ( this review can be seen in its entirety on the Pro6 Duo product page)


"I am in the natural stone restoration business. Part of my work is cleaning grout. I purchased the machine recently because I can refill it and keep using it. I have used it on several jobs already and it is a great tool. The first job was the grout in my own kitchen, which really needed to be done. It did a great job on the grout and also on the ceramic tile.

"I like all the different attachments that are very useful. . . I used it on a limestone master bathroom for a client. The shower had mold, mildew, etc. The vapor steam did a really nice job. It saves a lot of manual scrubbing with strong cleaners which has a lot of benefits for the person using the tool because they don't have to breathe in the fumes from strong cleaners and also good for the environment because its only steam plus very little scrubbing to do if any."

John went on to say, "I purchased this brand after some research. Because of the steam pressure, it is higher than the others I looked at. I don't usually leave reviews but I like this tool and think it is a good product and also if I am buying something, I look at what other people think that have actually used the same product, so I hope this helps."

Thanks for the great review, John!

The Pro 6 Duo is the most affordable heavy duty Continuous Fill steam cleaner on the market, offering such features as an industrial grade detachable hose with accessories to match. An adjustable pressure regulator allows you to control the amount of steam/pressure output for your specific cleaning task.

Our Pro6 has evolved into an extremely functional, reliable and highly-rated machine by our customers in business and home alike.

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