How to use a Steam Cleaner to clean your oven | Vapor clean

Oven cleaning used to be an awfully toxic task. I would spray, hold my nose and run! Now, steam makes it simple.

Any Vapor Clean model will clean your oven in one simple step. While we used the Pro5 in the video below, you can substitute any of our Italian steam cleaners and expect to get the same results.

Depending on which machine you have, you’ll attach either the medium round or medium triangle tool to the jet nozzle. Then, stick one of the “stainless scrubbies” standard with your purchase to the base of the brush and cover.  Adjust your steam regulator valve to medium to medium high pressure.  Then simply scrub your oven clean in even, vertical strokes and the baked on grease will begin to melt away. Use an old rag to wipe away grease and excess condensation.  Within minutes it will look good as new, all without expensive and corrosive cleaning chemicals!

Consider switching to a stainless or brass detail brush attached directly to the jet nozzle for cleaning the oven racks.  Watch as the steam melts away months and sometimes years of built up grease and grime. Go to our Learn section to find many tips on cleaning.