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2nd Mar 2017

As consumers, we all want to have the best product at the best price -- especially if our purchase is a major investment, such as a quality steam cleaner.

When it comes to steam cleaners, as with any major purchase, quality counts. There's a reason why Vapor Clean has sold over 100,000 Italian steam cleaners over its 20-year history, and have so many repeat customers and customer referrals. Their clients know they are buying the best machines on the market, and Vapor Clean is there to back up their purchase with the best customer service in the business.

Before we buy a steam cleaner, it's a good idea to do your homework: Learn about different machines, research their features, compare costs and understand the warranties and who you are purchasing from.

In recent years, the popularity and eco-benefits of steam cleaning has resulted in more sellers coming into the market. The steam cleaners that originated in Italy are now joined by machines produced in China, Korea and Romania, to name a few. In addition new sellers jumping in on what has been a niche market making confusing claims. What does that mean for the potential purchaser? Caveat emptor -- the Latin adage that means, "Let the buyer beware."

As you know, governing bodies -- locally, nationally and internationally -- take false or deceptive advertising claims very seriously. Here in the United States, the Federal Trade Commission plays an important role in policing that process, as well as the Lanham Act, enacted by Congress in 1946 to safeguard trademarks and address false advertising.

Competitors may make lots of claims, and may not clearly state or misrepresent a machine's country of origin, product or even themselves. Under the Lanham Act, Vapor Clean has successfully exposed false claims in the past, reflecting the commitment Vapor Clean founder and president Kathryn Lemieux has to holding the industry to the highest standards.

"We have earned our customers' trust by honestly giving them the facts about steam cleaning and always being there when they need us after the sale," said Ms. Lemieux. "That's how we've grown to be the oldest and most successful direct-from-the-factory importer."

So before you buy, arm yourself with "real" information, and if somethings sounds to good to be true ... let common sense be your guide.

For more about this topic, go to the "Before You Buy" section of our website. This includes sections such as "Steam Cleaning 101" and "Steam is Simple, Marketing is confusing".

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