Desiderio Auto – A steam cleaner and vacuum | Vapor Clean

The Desiderio Auto — the undisputed champion of clean! If you think steam is raw cleaning power unleashed on dirt and grime, imagine the power of steam and vacuum combined! Our Desiderio Autosteam and Vacuum machine offers un-paralleled cleaning in a single, effortless pass. Cleaning is just the beginning – not only steam those dust mites and creepy crawlies dead, but use the preferred method of vacuuming prior to and after treatment – all with one machine. And the uses are endless.

Here is a sampling of verified Desiderio reviews from VaporClean customers:

“I love detail cleaning my living spaces. However, I have very little tolerance for chemicals. I purchased the Desiderio Auto – 315° Continuous Fill Steam & Vacuum – 75 Psi to test out how I could clean without using harsh cleaners. I am very happy with the results. I have been ‘practicing’ with the cleaner for over a month and have found that it takes less time to thoroughly clean my floor surfaces. In addition to floors, I have cleaned granite counter tops, sofas and car floor mats. I recommend this product to my peers on a regular basis. I have even volunteered to clean their carpets just to show them how good this product cleans.” — Howard S.

“We bought this steam cleaner for our aviation support service to clean all of our private planes. On average, we clean our planes daily. As manager of our service department I felt it important to show our gratitude and support of your product. We have five of these steam cleaners and plan on purchasing more. Our team cleans and sanitizes our planes from the passenger seating area to the shaft engines. Our job is to guarantee a safe and sanitary flight for all of our passengers. From our support center here in Washington we thank you and enjoy doing business with your company.”

“This steam cleaner has become a loyal companion here at our auto shop. After doing a ton of research online, hunting down the ultimate task blaster, I ran across this unit. I immediately had my staff familiarize themselves with this machine and I find them fighting over it at times. We have had positive feedback from not only our customers but also it’s a constant topic of discussion when our clients see it.” – William Auto Mall Detailing

“By far the best purchase I have made all year!!!! Sure beats the swiffer!!!! I give this machine and A++++++++.” — A.M.

“I am an Uber driver so I’m responsible for keeping the vehicle clean for my passengers. I have learned first hand how cleanliness effects your rating so I invested in this unit and it has done a phenomenal job so far. Also, I didn’t realize until after I received my machine but they do offer a payment plan.”

“This is a great steam cleaner. Well built. No cleanup — just store it. Did a fantastic job on our furniture that has been sitting in storage forever. I actually got this from an estate sale, looked the company up to get some new attachments. They shipped them fast and the customer service was very helpful.”

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