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Nov 05, 2016

There's only one bed bug removal company serving the Denver area that uses steam exclusively to treat infestations: Bite Back Bed Bug Removal of Denver . And since Jacob Marsh founded the company in 2011, he has exclusively used Vapor Clean to supply all his steam equipment needs.

"When I opened the business, I bought my first steamer from Vapor Clean and I've been going back ever since," Marsh said. "There has never been a reason to go anywhere else."

While competitors employ harsh chemicals or thermal heat, Marsh says, "steam is the most effective way to kill bed bugs in one treatment for an affordable price. Bed bugs, along with their eggs, will die on contact when exposed to temperatures over 180 degrees. Bite Back’s high-quality commercial steamer reaches over 300 degrees, ensuring maximum effectiveness."

While Marsh has employed three different Vapor Clean steamers over the years, his favorite is the Pro 6 Solo unit.

"Last year I did 220 jobs," Marsh said, "and each job takes about three hours. The Pro 6 Solos just don't quit. They last forever. And if there is something wrong, I get on the phone with service and they walk me through it. So far I can fix everything myself."

Most of his jobs are residential homes and apartments. But he is also called to treat bed bugs in hotels, assisted-living facilities, cars, semi-trailer trucks and moving vans. "I've seen just about everything," he says.

"I go into people's homes and they are usually at their wit's end," said Marsh. "Bed bugs on the walls, bed bugs on the ceiling. Homeowners really appreciate the fact steam is 100 percent chemical-free."

Looking ahead, Marsh can envision expanding his business through a licensing arrangement, or other exciting avenues.

"Vapor Clean has been great to me. I will go to Vapor Clean for as long as they are around, that's for sure," Marsh said.

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