The reason you need a steam cleaner

The reason you need a steam cleaner

Posted by House Cleaning on Jan 06, 2022

Everyone's raving about steam cleaners! Here's why...

From hard surfaces to windows and kitchen equipment, a multi-purpose steam cleaner can help speed up cleaning time, and because they don't need extra detergents or cleaning solutions, they can also be kinder to the environment. The steam, applied to a surface at high pressure, produces a ‘dry’ steam to lift dirt and grease without the need for chemicals.

Steam ironing – Some models come with an ironing attachment to steam iron and instantly dry laundry. They can often also be used upright to refresh coats and jackets.

Mirrors – Many steam cleaners come with cloth kits so you can not only clean your windows, but also give your mirrors a streak-free finish.

Grouting – Many come with a grout brush for brightening up dulled grouting.

Cleaning your mattress – The high temperature can kill dust mites and this is particularly good for people suffering from allergies. Use the upholstery tool with the cloth attached, ensuring you keep moving it around so not to over-wet any areas. Once you’ve finished, leave the mattress on its side for a few hours to dry before you fit the bed linen.

BBQ grill racks – As the Summer months arrive, cleaning your BBQ can be a messy job. Not with a steam cleaner, though! It can blast away the grease and grime in no time, leaving it sparkling.

When you’ve finished cleaning, empty the steamer of water, and wash and dry any tool pockets or cloths.

Most people ask whether steam cleaners will work on carpets, and the short answer from the GHI team is no. It’s suitable for all carpet types and gave impressive results.

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