A new Pro6 Duo customer shares her experiences | Vapor Clean

A new Pro6 Duo customer shares her experiences | Vapor Clean

13th Dec 2016

I bought this vapor clean machine less than a month ago and LOVE it! I keep a very tidy house, but it's over 22 years old and needed help. I have asthma, and I was in tears trying to clean our shower tile with spray-on cleaners that warn you not to use them with any other cleaners because it'll produce toxic fumes. The fumes from the one product was hard enough for me to deal with. I had to stop and start several times to get fresh air to clear my head (and that's with one window in the room). I came across vapor clean on the internet and couldn't be happier. The first day I got it, I cleaned the shower top to bottom with NO chemicals! A clump of black from one of the corners flew off immediately. It was in a hard to reach place under the glass door drip and I always assumed it was stain, not filth. How embarrassing. I have a few, faint permanent stains on the shower floor that didn't come off with the steam cleaner, but that's okay. I think the tile is so old that the stain has become part of the tile in worn areas. But my tile has never been cleaner. I immediately noticed no stale odor anymore. I can run my hands on the tile and it feels smooth and slippery, no chemical cleaner or soapy residue. My marble sink counter is the same way now. Who knows how much make-up, soap and chemicals were inside the pores of the marble before I used the vapor clean. Now when I brush my teeth, I dry the sink area afterwards and always run my hand around the counter and sink because it just feels SO clean. Still slippery after almost a month! The shower and toilet floor area used to feel sticky to the feet, but no more (I'm sure dirt and soap dried onto the floor with the use of my spin-mop). The vapor clean made the floor feel like new and I'm pretty sure it's now sterile. To use the steamer can be somewhat messy, but it's water, so who cares. I prefer using a roll of paper towels to go behind and dry after doing a small section at a time, going top to bottom, because a towel would've gotten soiled too soon with all the dirt/soap coming off. It also worked great on the baseboards and windows in the bathroom. Looks like I painted the baseboards yesterday, but it's the original paint from 22 years ago. Oh, be careful not to start with too high a setting on more fragile items than tile. I tried using it on my disgusting foot rug at the kitchen sink and tore up the fibers. My fault because I also used the large nylon brush attachment. Bought a new padded rubber mat instead, so all good.

My next item I wanted to tackle was my sunbathing chair on the patio. It definitely had black mold starting on all sides where the nylon sits on top of the chair frame (it's breathable fabric with no padding or support that is stretched across the chair frame). I crossed my fingers that the stitching wouldn't melt away and attacked the chair with my steam cleaner. It was just shy of a miracle as far as the perfect cleaning job it did and, once again, without any chemicals. The stitching stayed intact and I've sunbathed on it without any tears or ripping.

I know this is lengthy, but one more thing needs mentioning. We live on the intracoastal marsh in Florida and have raccoon visitors on our back patio for nightly feedings. Usually they keep their latrine in the woods, but every now and then one of the raccoons will soil our pavers. Raccoon feces is very dangerous. There's a worm that can do all sorts of harm to humans, sometimes to the point of causing paralysis or fatalities. The worms are so small you can't even see them. The CDC recommends wearing gloves, booties and using boiling water to clean the area and kill the worms. Everyone knows steam kills better than boiling water, so I used my vapor clean on the pavers after removing the feces and am confident that it was better sanitized than using boiling water which will cool down after removing it from the stove while trying to run outside to pour it out, one pot at a time. With the vapor clean, I blasted the area non-stop for a good couple of minutes. So it's quite possible that the vapor clean is also saving our lives.

I have the continuous-use, double tank steamer and have no doubt that I made the right choice. Very easy to use. You just use regular tap water (ours is filtered), no distilled water. The gauges are easy to read and the alarm for low water is wonderful. I keep the special bottle they supply filled with water, and you never spill a drop when refilling the tanks. The alarm goes off, I take off the cap, turn the bottle upside down, and it glugs into the water tank while the machine continues to heat the water supply. Wham, bam, continuous cleaning.

Thank you, Vapor Clean! My husband is just as happy and loves our clean-smelling bathroom. He usually freaks out over expensive purchases, but feels we got a good value with this purchase. That says a lot. :-)

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