Heating Elements - Do they really fail?

Since 2005 we increased our warranty to lifetime boiler and heating elements - We knew it was confidence for everyone

This has always been a point that sellers use dependent on their design to highlight theirs. Here you can read the facts from 20 years of real experience with thousands of each of the types on the market.

Internal Elements inside the boiler -

We have read out there that "eventually they will corrode and fail". Actually they do not, that design by far was the best design over the years. All of our machines had the internal heating elements in the beginning. Heating was consistent and the failure rate was almost non-existent and if one did fail it was not from corrosion. These are not as common in the marketplace today as it was more expensive and eventually replaced.

Screw in Heating Elements -

This is a cylindrical element that screws into the side of the boiler and is sealed when torqued with gaskets that create the seal. This design does have failures, but pulling numbers of machines sold on the market vs. failures it is still minimal. One important note is that this potential problem typically will not happen unless the user actually leaves the boiler empty with no water and overheats the boiler ultimately degrading the seal on the element.

External Heating Element - Boiler plate

While we have heard the term "revolutionary" and "more expensive", the truth is that is not accurate. This newer design of heating element is now on many of the newer machines as it was easier and less expensive for the manufacturers. Essentially this is the least expensive of the 3 types mentioned. This design is still a coil that is fitted in-between the top and bottom plate. As for failures, we have been using these in many of our models now for about six years and we have had to replace some, but very few. These repairs are typically connected with over-cycling of the machine


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