Quick & easy 3 Payment Plan with 0% interest.
Our 3 Payment Plan with 0% interest is as simple as 1-2-3.
Checkout with your credit card and put in the comment section, “Yes, I want Easy Pay” and let us do the rest!

We are happy to offer this opportunity as we believe in our customers as much as our products! This offer is backed by Vapor Clean, not a financing company, third party or program that charges interest.   It is that simple. All you need is a valid credit card.

Payment Plan Instructions  

Check out with your credit card, valid address and receive approval from your credit card provider for the full amount of your steam cleaner. When your order is processed by our agents we will simply split the payments as 50% down and 25% each of the remaining 2 months of payments as promised.

Remember to put in the comment box “Yes, I want Easy Pay” during checkout.

* Often the full charge will show on your credit card upon ordering, this will adjust when your order is processed. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

Thank you for your business.

**3 Payment Plan can only be approved on valid US credit cards.