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What is Single Fill and is it the right choice?
The basics:
A single boiler is just simply that, a container that holds a designated amount of water. This design will always be directly filled by the user and then tightly sealed with a threaded screw-on pressure cap. In the steam cleaner world, this was the original and only type of boiler in the early days.
Is it for me?
Individuals with smaller areas to clean, or basic daily cleaning rituals that usually do not exceed and 1-2 hours or so. Part-timers, perfect!!
Specific task cleaning for business's are all great candidates for single boiler. We have found the average "steamer" to be satisfied with the single boiler and learn to get the most out of their capacity when mastering their machine.
What are the downsides if any?
Overall, the downside can be running out of steam before the job is done. Not necessarily a problem, but if you do the same job every day or underestimate their usage this could become a bit frustrating. If you run out of water, you will need to refill and reheat. Your "down" time of course during will vary on the boiler size and design of the machine.
Always double check to make sure the boiler starts out full or the user knows that they are only planning on cleaning a short period. Heating up a nearly empty boiler can add a little down time to get back up again - simply, be prepared!
It is important to understand that the larger the boiler, the longer it will take to heat. If you are cleaning on high pressure, it will take longer to recover and build pressure back.
To simplify, the more water to heat up on an equal level of power will not be as efficient as the smaller boiler.
For example; average heat up for approximately -
2 quarts @ 1500 watts - 9 - 12 minutes
3.5 - 4 quarts @ 1500 watts - 23 - 28 minutes
Homeowners with large homes, or commercial buildings where cleaning can take more time, used all day, or users who rely on the availability of steam throughout a lengthy project may want to look for a continuous operation machine.
The Vapor Clean single boiler units feature:
Stainless steel single boiler units that do not exceed 3 quarts.
We offer a range of machines that are 1500 watts to 1800 watts.
Pressure regulation to maximize the cleaning and minimize the waste.
No 20 minute recommended cool down as required by some brands.
Vapor Clean offers single boiler, Injection and vacuum features or both for every need.
Extended warranties - Lifetime Boiler and Heating Element

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