How do I get rid of bedbugs?

In the case of animal fleas, which are by far the most common, you must prepare for the three zones simultaneously. Just targeting the fleas on the animal without treating the environment is futile. Popular, well marketed insecticide-based products are relatively effective but some question their affect on the pets’ health. Shampoos are also available. Talk with your veterinarian to determine the best product for your pet. A good grooming and bath may be all that is needed.

For the indoor environment there are a number of effective methods. Most popular are insecticide-based powders that are sprinkled on the floor, particularly around areas frequented by the pet, then vacuumed. Vacuuming up the insecticide and the eggs/larvae are the goal. Since pets tend to be around their owners, the areas requiring this treatment are also areas people frequent! Foggers are another method but are extremely messy and leave insecticide all over the home (talk about side effects)! A vapor cleaner is by far the most effective, clean, and pet/people friendly method. Vapor cleaners equipped with a built-in vacuum, such as the Vapor Clean Gaia and the Vapor Clean 3500, are ideal for making the task a simple, one-step process.

Finally, if your pet spends time outdoors, you must treat the yard to prevent re-infestation. Again, there are numerous insecticidal solutions available but each have their effect on pets, people or the environment. Although your steam cleaner is not effective in the great outdoors, the power of water is! Since flea larvae feed off the waste of adult fleas, washing this food source away is as easy as watering the yard or timing your flea removal with a rainstorm. Prepare the yard by mowing the grass, remove debris and weeds and target areas your pet frequents, ie. shaded areas. Flood the area with simple water! You will kill fleas and their young, your dog or cat gets a chance to hang out in the house until the mud dries and the yard gets a bath of plain water. A win for everyone! Well, except for the fleas.